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The Affordable Housing Podcast, brought to you by Eden Housing, explores the issues and challenges being faced in affordable housing today. From the impact of the sub-prime crisis to green building, host Joanne Greene offers compelling conversation with industry insiders. Topics include regional and national trends, inclusionary housing, government funding, and the role of private developers in helping to provide workforce housing.

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Mon, 1 May 2017
Make Room in Our Communities - Ending Housing Insecurity for Renters
Monday, May 1, 2017

Housing insecurity is a critical issue for many renters. In fact, as so aptly stated in the mission statement of the new organization MAKE ROOM, the human suffering and the astronomical costs to society of the rental crisis is unimaginable. In this episode of the Affordable Housing Podcast brought to you by Eden Housing, host Joanne Greene speaks to Make Room's CEO, Ali Solis. MAKE ROOM is dedicated to this problem and to creating bold solutions to end housing insecurity for renters. Ali's been working on housing for the past two decades and has led successful national campaigns. She also appeared on the Affordable Housing Podcast in 2012 to discuss the federal budget's impact on affordable housing when she was Senior VP and Public Policy & Corporate Affairs Executive for Enterprise Community Partners.


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