Glen Berry & Glen Eden Resyndication

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Glen Berry & Glen Eden Apartments
50 & 36
Project Status: 
Under Construction
625 Berry Avenue
561 A Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Alameda County

Development Description


Glen Berry comprises 50 units, with 1 residential building which includes community and maintenance spaces. It is a three-story wood-framed structures with stucco siding and tiled roofs above a podium.

The project is 1.45 acres on a flat site without any unique features. It is a family project. All units have in- unit washers and dryers.

Glen Eden comprises 36 units, with three residential buildings, and one management office building. These are three-story wood-framed structures with wood siding and shingled roofs. The project is .99 acres on a flat site without any unique features. It is a family project. Most units have in-unit washers and dryers, and a community laundry room is also provided.

Both sites have two-stop elevators that provide access from the subterranean garage to the first floor units. Glen Berry provides 1.7 parking spaces/unit and Glen Eden provides 2.2 parking spaces/unit. The condition of the buildings at both sites would be characterized as fair, overall, but could be characterized as poor in a few more years.

In order to address the capital needs of the projects, Eden has developed a scope of work that will ensure the properties will continue to perform as high-quality affordable housing over the coming decades. The scope of rehabilitation will include restoring the integrity of the roofs, envelopes, and windows; updating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; enhancing mobility and access; modifying buildings and systems to be in conformance with changes to the building code; as budget allows, making improvements to common areas and unit interiors; and, as budget allows, “greening” and “blueing” the properties with energy and water efficiency improvements and solar energy technology.

Construction is anticipated to start in July 2016 and last approximately 10 months. These items would be specifically addressed by the following scope of work:


Building Envelope Improvements

  • Replace roofs at Glen Eden

  • Repair or replace building skins

  • Replace windows

  • Address water intrusion damage where it occurs

Efficiency Upgrades, to the extent that budget and approvals allow

  • Improve energy efficiency by a minimum of 10 percent per the energy model

  • Install solar photovoltaics and solar thermal when possible

  • Install water conservation measures on a cost-benefit basis

  • Upgrade HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems

Mobility Improvements

  • Make mobility improvements

Common Area Improvements, to the extent that budget and approvals allow

  • Repaint common areas

  • Renew plantings

  • Upgrade playgrounds

  • Upgrade and increase exterior lighting

  • Reseal and restripe parking lots as needed

  • Repair carports as needed

Resident Unit Improvements

  • Repair and upgrade unit elements as called for in the PNA and energy model

  • Improve interior ventilation

On-Site Amenities and Services

The intention of this project is to enhance resident quality-of-life at Glen Berry and Glen Eden Apartments. To the extent that budget allows, common areas will be enhanced by these projects.

Section 8: 

eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.