Las Palmas - Resyndication

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Las Palmas Apartments
Project Status: 
Under Construction
15370 & 15375 Tropic Court
San Leandro, CA 94579
Alameda County
Development Description
Las Palmas Apartments was constructed around 1962 and is a 91-unit multifamily garden-style low-rise project located at 15370 & 15375 Tropic Court, San Leandro. The neighborhood is primarily characterized by retail centers and low-rise apartment buildings. The project is an existing, occupied building and it has studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. Currently, 69 of the 91 units are restricted as affordable units. The proposed rehab would increase that to 78 restricted units (including the manager unit). 
Neighborhood Characteristics and Amenities 
There is a retail center across Lewelling Blvd. which houses two full service grocery stores. Mervin Morris Park is within half a mile from Las Palmas. Rod Kelley Elementary School is within walking distance. Las Palmas is adjacent to a Walgreens which has a pharmacy. 
Two bus lines are within a quarter mile of Las Palmas. Route 75 runs along Lewelling Bvld. and Route 85 runs along Washington Ave. 
Project Characteristics and Scope of Work 
Las Palmas has 2 buildings. The 15370 building has a community room, which serves both buildings. Both buildings have laundry facilities. 
In order to address the capital needs of this project, Eden has developed a scope of work that will ensure the property will continue to perform as high-quality, affordable housing in the coming decades. The scope of rehabilitation will include reinforcing the building, upgrading the aging building systems, and implementing “greening and blueing” of the property by installing measures to reduce energy and water usage. Materials used during the repair and renewal of the property will be selected based on their environmental footprint and extended expected useful life. 
Proposed improvements to the property include the following. As construction savings and/or unspent contingency allow, more extensive “greening and blueing” efforts and more extensive enhancements to common areas will be pursued. 
Building Envelope Improvements 
Replace roof 
Flash in stanchions that will support a new solar photovoltaic system 
Reskin stucco
Energy Efficiency Upgrades – “Greening and Blueing” 
Install a solar energy photovoltaic system that offsets at least 75% of common area load or covers 90% of solar accessible roof area. 
Install water conservation measures throughout the project. 
Upgrade HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. 
Common Area Improvements 
Repaint common areas
Replace light fixtures to increase energy efficiency 
Renew plantings; retain as many mature trees as possible 
Resident Unit Improvements
Replace and upgrade interior finishes including lighting, flooring, cabinets and counter tops
Replace unit appliances with Energy Star rated models 
Replace bathroom exhaust fans with more energy-efficient and higher air turnover models
The one SRO will be replaced with a 1br unit by reconfiguring the laundry and maintenance space
On-site amenities and services
The intention of this project is to enhance resident quality-of-life at Las Palmas. Common areas will be enhanced, as well, thorough reconfiguring, lighting and repainting. 
Service programming, will be available onsite free of charge for resident use. A service coordinator will be developing and providing a combination of adult education, health, and skill building classes and health and wellness services and programs. 

eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.