Governor Newsom and State Legislature Prioritize Housing

Affordable housing is having a moment in California. State legislative members introduced more than 180 housing bills by the February bill introduction deadline, and Governor Gavin Newsom’s Administration continues to provide details on its January budget proposals to promote housing development. While the groundswell of momentum is good news, the sheer volume of bills introduced thus far will present a challenge for housing advocates like Eden Housing this session. The voice of experience from developers, property managers, and residents is critical to ensure real, positive change.

Eden threw its support behind 12 bills: AB 10 (Chiu), AB 1743 (Bloom), ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry), SB 6 (Beall-Maguire), SB 9 (Beall), SCA 1 (Ben, Allen, Weiner), AB 68 (Ting), AB 69 (Ting), AB 1483 (Grayson), AB 1486 (Ting), SB 13 (Wieckowski), SB 18 (Skinner).

The bills fall under the following categories: Rent Assistance and Access to Legal Counsel (SB 18), Remove Regulatory Barriers to Accessory Dwelling Units (AB 68, AB 69, SB 13), Unlock Public Land for Housing (AB 1486), Good Government Reforms to Housing Approval Process (AB 1483), and bills that promote and streamline the creation of affordable housing (AB 10, AB 1743, ACA 1, SB 6, SB 9, SCA 1).

Eden is monitoring the bills’ progress through legislative committees and will share updates on the legislative process with Eden advocates.

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Together, by making the development of affordable housing easier, we can build more homes for low-income Californian families, seniors, and people with disabilities.


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