Communities Wired!

Communities Wired! is a new Eden Housing initiative that promotes digital literacy and broadband adoption across all Eden Housing communities. The program bridges the digital divide for those most in need—low-income seniors, people with special needs and limited English speaking minorities—providing them with computer training and low cost options for computer equipment and Internet service, with the goal of supporting them to subscribe to and utilize broadband access at home.

Communities Wired! is currently being integrated into our existing technology programs and resident forums. It is building on the success of our Digital Connectors and Generation Exchange programs, providing a platform to educate and inspire residents to adopt broadband to support their social, physical, educational and financial well-being.

Eden Housing is working with Digital Connector teen volunteers, senior resident leaders, and special needs service partners to develop a Communities Wired! Digital Literacy Tool Kit, to use as part of the curriculum. This initiative is currently being rolled out at all Eden Housing communities, promoting access to a world of resources, while building a greater sense of community among Eden residents.












Javier participates in Eden’s Digital Connectors program, a program that teaches youth the ins-and-outs of computer hardware and software and builds leadership skills.  Javier wanted to find out how his family could get inexpensive internet at home. He contacted Communities Wired! and his family received high-speed internet at a reduced rate with no installation fee. 

When asked what it was like having access to internet at home, he said it made his family's life so much easier; his dad was able to check on email and look up sports facts, his mom was able to keep in touch with family members in Mexico while doing online shopping, Javier himself was able to look up information for his school papers and play games online, and the family overall could now keep up with the youngest child because his teacher would regularly communicate with the family through email.  

eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.