Green Initiative

Eden Housing is a sustainability leader in the affordable housing industry. We are proud of our successes and continue to integrate energy conservation into our daily property operations, our development and acquisition strategy, and ongoing staff and resident education. Our portfolio focus on sustainability has been highlighted as a national model by Enterprise Community Partners, NeighborWorks America, Garrison Institute, and others.

Since adopting our Green Initiative in 2010, we have made energy-saving retrofits at more than 70 properties. We have exceeded our energy and water conservation goals, reducing water consumption by 20% and offsetting more than 8 million kg. of CO2 with our solar energy generation.


A Pioneer in Adopting Green Technologies

Eden Housing pioneered the adoption of green technologies more than 40 years ago. In the 1970s we installed solar hot water systems at Josephine Lum Lodge and Eden Lodge. In the early 1980s, Eden was one of the first affordable housing developers to install double-pane windows—reducing residents’ utility costs and improving their comfort. 


Building Green

Today, Eden builds all new properties with green features to reduce energy and water costs and improve the quality of life for our residents. The recently built Valor Crossing Apartments was awarded GreenPoint Rating PLATINUM.  GreenPoint ratings are evaluated across five categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, resource conservation and livability.

Green Resident Engagement and Training

An important component of our Green Initiative is the ongoing education of our staff and residents about energy and water conservation.  We formed a Green Steering Committee that leverages expertise from all areas of the company, and launched My Green Resident Meeting Toolkit in partnership with Enterprise Green Communities ® to provide training in recycling, water conservation, energy conservation and healthy living. 


Portfolio Renovations

The US Green Building Council reports that existing buildings account for 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, so retrofitting our portfolio makes a substantial contribution to saving the planet.  We are always looking for potential energy and water savings opportunities--and the funding to implement and continue this effort.  In response to the California drought, Eden has increased its emphasis on water-saving retrofits. Our program, “Eden Does It!” has reduced water consumption through the installation of low-flow toilets, showerheads and aerators.


eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.