Technology Access

Eden Housing has been at the forefront of digital technology since the 1990s when we began opening computer-learning centers on-site for resident use. Today, we offer a variety of technology learning opportunities and broadband access for residents of all ages.

Eden Technology Access Program (ETAP)

Since 2004, over 850 at-risk youth ages 14-19 have graduated from this successful hands-on program that promotes digital literacy, youth leadership and community service. Our service partners teach our youth:
  • Computer repair and internet security
  • Coding and the use of software applications
  • Multi-media public presentations / production of short educational videos
  • Community service projects with local residents
  • Green technology and conservation training
Youth also participate in field trips to technology companies, museums and colleges to learn about technology related job and career paths. Overall, this program helps youth gain valuable skills and experience—paving the way for high school completion, further education and employment. 
This program is currently offered free of charge to youth at 11 Eden communities, through after school and summer sessions.


Digital Literacy

This portfolio-wide initiative promotes digital literacy and broadband adoption across all Eden Housing communities. We are educating and inspiring our residents—with special attention to seniors, people with special needs and English speaking minorities—to utilize broadband access at home to improve their social, physical, educational and financial well-being. 
In 2017, Eden Housing received grant funding from the California Public Utilities Commission to provide Digital Literacy programming at 8 Eden Housing properties, 4 senior and 4 family. Program participants have learned how to do online banking, use email and relevant software applications, review and renew their benefits, search for jobs, engage in their children’s education, and how to stay connected to family, friends and their community. Between June and December 2017, our service partner was able to train 356 residents on these skills. Eden Housing continues to seek additional opportunities to partner with leading technology education providers and funders to provide relevant technology skills trainings that empower our residents to reach their full potential. 

eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.