Eden Volunteer of the Month - August 2018

Ankita Nayak at Wexford Way, Dublin

We are so proud of the volunteers who choose to give their time to our affordable communities and residents. If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.

Below is Eden Housing's Volunteer of the Month

Name: Ankita Nayak

Property: Wexford Way, Dublin

Why did you chose to volunteer with Eden Housing? I have always loved working with kids and I regularly tutor at local elementary schools. I chose to volunteer with Eden Housing as it gave me a chance to help the kids who are a part of the Expanded Learning program at Wexford Way in Dublin.

What have you done as a volunteer?  Please describe your role and what you have worked on.  I have been volunteering with Eden for a couple of months. As a volunteer, I get to work with the children who come to the Expanded Learning after school program. During the school year, I helped the kids with their homework and additional activities in the program. This summer I got to help out with many different activities, which focused on STEM and character development, for the kids at Wexford.

What have you learned through your volunteer experience?  Have there been any surprises? Watching the staff at Wexford really taught me how to interact with the kids. I learned to understand and work with the kids.

What do you like best about volunteering with Eden Housing? I love the atmosphere at Wexford and the kids there are really fun to work with. I have gotten really close to some of them and enjoyed playing with them during their free time or doing an activity. I love hearing the kids talk about their day and other random topics. I also was able to connect with some of the staff at Wexford and learned a lot from them.

Are there any tips that you would share for someone else who is considering volunteering? I would say to keep an open mind and try to go out of your comfort zone as there may be some place out there which can be of interest. Volunteering can be a great experience.

Tell us something we may not know about you. Any interesting facts you’d like to share about your life? I am a second degree black belt in taekwondo. I have been doing taekwondo for the past 10 years. I compete at state and national levels. Taekwondo has really helped me gain confidence in myself.

If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.


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