Eden Volunteer of the Month - December

Roy Lin at Carlow Court, Dublin

We are so proud of the volunteers who choose to give their time to our affordable communities and residents. You can read other stories about our Volunteers at Meet Our Volunteers.  If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.

Below is Eden Housing's Volunteer of the Month

Name: Roy Lin

Property: Carlow Court

Why did you chose to volunteer with Eden Housing? I volunteer as a pianist at Ridge View Commons Senior Center, and I really enjoyed helping seniors out with entertainment and services. After some time, during one bus trip to school, I realized that there was a senior center near my school. I searched it up, and saw a variety of opportunities to benefit senior citizens. I selected tech volunteer, as I like dealing with technology, and also had the benefit of speaking Mandarin, which many of the residents spoke.

What have you done as a volunteer? Please describe your role and what you have worked on.  I volunteer as a technology helper for the residents of Carlow Court, and I help the senior residents on whatever problems that they have. I work on a variety of issues the seniors have with their devices, such as switching languages on devices, paying bills, and downloading apps.

What have you learned through your volunteer experience?  Have there been any surprises? I have learned many tips and tricks of navigating through technology myself, with the most important one being restarting a device usually troubleshoots most problems. When I was trying to clean a virus from one of the resident’s computers, I encountered many problems within the software and hardware of the computer. I had to improvise and learn quickly on the job, along with finding resources that could help me.

What do you like best about volunteering with Eden Housing? I like interacting with the seniors, and being able to help them interact with some of the most important items of a common household. Their cheerfulness and love always encourages me, and helps me strive to help benefit them in any way I can.

Are there any tips that you would share for someone else who is considering volunteering? Always act cheerful when volunteering around people; it helps leave a good impression! Also be knowledgeable in the subject that you’re working in; it helps if you have human resources too.

Tell us something we may not know about you. Any interesting facts you’d like to share about your life? My technological skill comes from playing video games, but I also have played piano for almost 12 years; along with getting various awards, I have also gotten into Carnegie twice.


If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.

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