Volunteer with Eden Housing


Work individually with a young person for six months and help them to gain leadership and professional skills.  Help instill confidence as you help a youth navigate their future and determine their next steps toward reaching their goals.



· Mentors must meet with their mentee on a regular schedule, at least once a month, show up on time, and keep all commitments

· Be a positive example and role model to the young person you are assigned

· Act as a resource and guide, help the youth learn how to find resources and information

· Work closely with Eden staff and report on any issues or get support when needed

· Respect that the youth may not share your lifestyles, values, or goals

Skills needed:

· Professional skills and insight into career readiness tasks and abilities

· Excellent writing skills and ability to help others revise resume and cover letters

· Previous mentoring experience is preferred but not required

· Must have excellent interpersonal skills and a positive personality and demeanor


Volunteer mentors will gain insight into the life of a young person, an increase in their own skills and training, as well as the reward and satisfaction that comes from helping a young person gain support and create a vision for their future.

Time commitment:

Mentors must commit to meeting with their mentee on a regular schedule at least once a month for six months, as well as communicating and following up with them outside of the monthly visits.  Visits with mentees can be on weekends or evenings, depending upon the schedule and availability of the young person and mentor.


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For more information on volunteering as a youth mentor or to attend a volunteer orientation, please email Leah.Cerri@edenhousing.org or call (510) 247-8138

eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.